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House Marathia - Urlaub bei Freunden inmitten eines Naturschutzgebietes - Liegen Sie in der 1. Reihe - Holiday by friends between a naturreserve - Versenden Sie gratis und ohne Anmeldung, Ihre Wunschpostkarte, klicken Sie einfach auf Ihr gewünschtes Bild, tragen Email Adresse ein und schon geht Ihr Gruss auf Reisen! Starten Sie mit einen Klick auf das Bild.

In diesen einzigartigen Häusern können Sie mitten im Naturschutzpark von Zakynthos, Ruhe und Harmonie finden - Für die Bildbeschreibung bitte einfach mit dem Mauszeiger in das Bild fahren.

Hier können Sie die schönsten Bilder von Zakynthos als E-Card versenden, die Bilder wurden von Gästen oder uns fotografiert und zeigen oft Aufnahmen welche noch nicht zu sehen waren. Sie können Sie ganz einfach als Postkarte versenden oder für den privaten Gebrauch mit einen Hinweis auf www.zakynthos.at verwenden. Sollten Sie Bilder für Kalender, Prospekte, Flyer usw. benötigen, bitte einfach eine Email an uns. Wir stellen Sie ihnen unter bestimmten Voraussetzungen kostenlos zur Verfügung. Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Bilder alle unter copyright von House Marathia stehen.

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Photo site from Zakinthos - you can found the best picture from zante!

House Marathia....
This house is the best place for a very nice holiday, (quiet)! Far from the Tourismous! Studio for two Persons. The "House Marathia" is 30m2 (kitchen with fridge, bath room and 50m2 terrace. There is also a radio and there is also the possibility to to put a third bed in the room. The house lies in a 5000m2 big piece of land which reaches down to the ocean. It lies in a very quiet position, far off the tourismous. At a distance of about 400-600m there are two greek taverns which are managed by a greek family and where you can find the greek nature! The house has got a greek style. The private beach is quiet and has little stones and sand. In the distance of 500m there is the most beautiful beach "Marathia Beach" with the tavern "Dinisios". It is easy to walk there. If you are looking for disco and nigthlife, you can find this in Laganas, about 13km from Marathia. The next shopping place is in Kery (2km from Marathia). The romantic harbour of Kery invites you for swimming, water skying, jet-ski or just for being lazy. In " House Marathia " you can rent a motorboat, a motorbike, jet-ski, or car. There is a GSM-Telephon and sat-TV! Well, how do you get to Marathia? The house is about 17km from the airport. Taxis are easy to find. Another way to come, which I prefer, is through Italien. From Venice, Ancona about 36 houers. Then you drive with your car to Kilinni. One hour running time. There you take the ferry boat to Zakynthos (1½ hours). To Marathia it is 17km. You drive through a dreamful area, 100m above the ocean.

The Neighborhood:
Zakynthos is a beautiful island of the Ionian Sea lying about 300 kilometres to south-west of Athen, facing the Western coasts of Peloponnese. It is an island rich in natural beauty, sights and beaches, having plenty of pleasures to offer to visitors. It has the historical tradition and legacy of an important cultural flourising, which took place in the Ionian Islands during the rennaisance and which is vividly depicted in the arts. The education, poetry, theatre, and painting of Zakynthos (ZANTE) Zakynthos is mingling with boundless natural beauty, and a remarkable historical tradition, which both cause an interest for a deeper familiarity with the island. Though the views concerning the origin pf the island's name are divided, the most prevailing one seem to be that refering to Zakynthos, the son of Phrygian King Dardmaos. Zakynthos is inhabited by 45.000 people, of which 12.000 live in the town (Zakynthos). Most of the inhabitants are occupied by agriculture, tourism and other occupations. Such as fishing, ceramics, handicrafts etc.

Also you can go jogging. Everything you want - MARATHIA has go it !!

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